Announcement for Special Refund of Registration Fee

This year’s QRS conference will be held from December 11 (Friday) to 14 (Monday). The program has been posted on the conference website ( In addition, the proceedings and companion have already been published by IEEE. Videos of paper presentations are also uploaded to YouTube (unlisted).

All the presentations will be online via Zoom.
Click HERE for information to join.

However, we also have an in-person meeting at the Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST), which has the exact same schedule as the virtual meeting. You are welcome to join QRS 2020 physically on the campus of MUST. The room numbers are Block N 317 and Block N 321.

Due to the COVID pandemic, for your safety the conference has decided to cancel all the social events. That is, we will not provide coffee breaks, lunches, reception, or banquet. Instead, we will follow the same policy used by some IEEE international conferences and refund 35% of the registration fee to each payee regardless of whether he/she decides to participate in the meeting via Zoom or in-person.

Please note the following important rules:

  1. The 35% refund only applies to full registrations.
    Special cases will be handled separately.

  2. The refund will be credited back via RegFox directly to the credit card used to pay the registration fee. The cardholder (namely, the payee), not the contact author nor the person who attends the meeting, will receive the refund.

  3. RegFox will charge a processing fee for each transaction that equals 2.99% of the total transaction amount plus $0.99 USD. There will be TWO (2) processing fees as there are TWO (2) transactions: one for the registration payment and another for the refund.

    A separate email will be sent to each payee (not the contact author nor the conference attendee) with more details about his/her refund amount.

  4. Refund will be processed within two weeks after the conference. If you are a payee, please check the credit card you used to pay the QRS registration for the refund.

If you have questions about your refund, please contact Dongcheng Li at [email protected].

We look forward to seeing you at the conference.

QRS 2020 Secretariat